What Others Say:

"Jeanne’s warm and caring energy immediately made me feel comfortable as we discussed our 'ideal' birth as well as other prenatal topics. She spent a lot of time with me, explaining everything and making sure that I was well. It felt more like spending time with a friend as opposed to a care provider and especially when giving birth I want a person who I can trust. Jeanne worked her midwife magic-- I have no tears, was able to give birth naturally without any intervention while in the comfort of my own home.  Thank you so much, Jeanne for your support in our special delivery!"

- Kerstin


"Having Jeanne as my midwife was wonderful. She supported me all through the pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. She helped make the birth of my baby exactly what I was hoping it would be: incredible, beautiful, and empowering. Amber was my last baby, so finally having my "perfect" birth was important to me, and Jeanne's care helped me achieve that."



"After having my first two babies in a birth center, I didn’t think it could get better—but it did!  I loved having this one at home with you…. Not having to drive anywhere during labor and afterward just being able to walk from the bathroom to my own bed was wonderful!  Thank you so much for
helping me." 



"Your gentle patience helped get me through my most challenging labor and delivery.  I am so grateful there are people like you to help women experience the birth they want!  Thank you."



"Thank you for being supportive and very professional throughout and for helping us most importantly bringing into this world a healthy, drug-free baby, we couldn't have done this without you!  Your expertise and knowledge is above and beyond-- we truly appreciate all the services you provided. Especially constantly staying on our side."  

-Carlos & Yolanda


"One Super Midwife!  One Great Lady!  Jeanne is the best midwife a girl could ask for!  She spent many hours with me before, during and after the birth of my son answering questions and helping me.  Thank you, Jeanne, for all of your wonderful help and support!" 


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"When a woman in labor sees her child, all of her anguish is forgotten and she breaks forth with joy because she has brought forth a new person into the world." - John the Apostle (John 16:21)